Miracle Mist Ultra Light Moisturizer/Toner

Miracle Mist Ultra Light Moisturizer/Toner
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Moisturizer and toner all in one! Quickly absorbed, this formula will help normalize and eliminate complaints of too dry, oily, sensitive, or prematurely aging skin. Great for acne-prone skin and relieving under eye puffiness. Continued use results in a definite hydration and refinement in the texture and tone of the skin. May be stored in refrigerator and used as a cool spritzer on the hot summer days.  Ingredients: Miracles and Wonders! Clary sage and melissa hydrosols, distilled water, witch hazel, vegetable glycerin, vitamins E and C. Oils of jojoba, aloe vera, macadamia nut, wheat germ, primrose and grapefruit seed extract. Essential oils of lavender, lemon, orange and ylang ylang. 2 oz.


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