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  Our products are pure, organic and grown in the heart of the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. Every ingredient is free of any unnatural chemicals, fillers or toxic preservatives. We do not use any soy products or any soy derivatives. Each product is bottled with care in either cobalt blue or brown bottles to protect from sunlight. Only the finest quality ingredients nature can supply are harvested to create all our products. These ingredients are appropriate for vegetarians and most vegans. By using only products supplied by nature, the chances of allergic reactions are dramatically reduced for those with sensitive skin. By using Essential Indulgence skin care system, your body is supplied with exactly what it needs, to rejuvenate naturally! Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.





 About Jeannette Sofka

Jeannette has dedicated most of her life in studying holistic care for the body as well as applied it to her daily life.  As a life time vegetarian Jeannette knows how important it is to eat fresh organic foods.  The same idea applies to the face and skin.  Whatever is applied to the skin is immediately absorbed into the body.  It only makes sense to use a product that has pure ingredients that nourishes our skin. 









 About Nancy Sofka

For the last fifteen years Nancy has been using these products for her daily skin regimine and has seen what a difference natural skincare has done for her skin.  Many times she has tried other products coming out on the market claiming to reverse the clock on aging skin and she has always returned to the natural way of skincare.  As a singer and vocal coach by trade, it has always been important for Nancy to look her best on stage and off.  Maintaining a youthful appearance is important in the entertainment industry.  








Our Vision

 Our intention and vision is to care for our customers by offering pure products, maintaining healthy skin, and solving skin issues, as well as to participate in the expanding awareness and benefits of pure living.


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